Where To Shop & Why To Customize

Alice & Olivia may be one of my current favorite designer luxury brands to find colorful and unusual pieces. Pairing a painted jacket with a high-quality dress or jumpsuit sparks such a statement. Also adore Zadig & Voltaire and Rosie Assoulin– sexy and different!

Of course I shop for fresh designer pieces, but I also prize my wardrobe collection of garments I've kept for years! From Armani to Loro Piana, the fits are amazing but perhaps become a little dated or even a bore! I rarely purge any designer luxury; it's truly an investment in your closet. Ergo, adding customization and paintings to these gorgeous pieces rejuvenates them back to life! And the quality is top notch.

However, I have no shame in sharing my love for Zara! It's all about how you transform each piece into a well balanced outfit. And this mindset is exactly how I started working towards providing luxury custom for my clients. When I shop fast fashion, I can find great pieces to wear, but the quality doesn't stand up! When I buy (or find in my own closet) a high-end garment and have it painted and customized, it's like a true work of art! That lasts!

Custom Vintage Levi's Jacket, Veronica Beard Pants

It's all about the confidence to shop creatively to create an unexpected ensemble. I shop vintage quite often as well – it's about how you use your eye! Check out the Levi's vintage department, especially in the men's section. Look for non-synthetic fabrics and rare cuts in clothes. Mixing something with an different silhouette is a breath of fresh air. Then once you add the visuals, the magic happens!