Becoming Inspired

I've always been drawn to things that no one else has. And sometimes, you have to curate special items to stand out and akin to your own taste! Mixing luxury brand items or quality vintage pieces with garments that are new, re-invented, and one-of-a-kind creates an elevated juxtaposition like no other.

At my home office space with my collection and muse, Andy!

I am so taken by fine artists, specifically Andy Warhol and Jackson Pollack. Perhaps common icons in modern culture, but nonetheless a massive source of visual inspiration. When I decided to start curating and creating garments for myself and clients, I connected with a local NYC artist, Storm Ritter, to execute my visuals in fashion. Not only does she embody the spirit of 1960's/70's NYC art, but has a knack to create an organic, non-contrived feel to painted fashion.

I find images and styles that work well together and meet my taste in current and personal fashion to be then transformed into gorgeous garments. I source only the best products to start with and Storm works her magic to bring my vision to life.